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Kristian Zara

visual arts

Statement of Practice

My artistic research focuses on the psyche and its visual manifestation. I use the human figure to express what comes out of my investigative and reflective processes. I can see these in the various compositions and creative forms.

When I explore the relation between inner and outer worlds, I often find myself in a conversation with the unknown. My unexplored self becomes the focus of my observation, too. In doing so, I come to better understand both myself and the world around me. Creating each work is a moment of meditation and reflection, starting from chaos and ending with an ordered whole. The process!

The work itself changes dramatically during the process; influenced by emotions, thoughts, memories, and external events. Once the moment of meditation (the process) is complete, the work stands as a statement of that journey. In entering to my creative room, I often need to allow my mind wandering into the depths of the unconscious. Here, I find the first source of psychic matter, and it is from here that my creativity flows as well.

kristian zara artist, vizual arts

Kristian Zara is a visual artist that works in painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography. He was born in Elbasan, Albania, in 1986. He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts from 2006 to 2011. In October 2017, he completed his second MFA at the University of Dundee in Art, Society, and Publics (practice and creative writing). Kristian’s work often deals with exploring human psychic states and its philosophical issues.


2021 Gjendje të Brendshme, Argonaut Art Factory
2017 MFA Presentation, University of Dundee
2012 Umanita Nostra, Art Zone 42
2011 Metavasis, Athens Art Space
2011 Kristian Zara, Athens School of Fine Arts

2022 No Title, Joung Albania Artists, Tirana
2021 RiArt, Gallery Kalo, Tirana
2021 Salloni i Vjeshtës, Shkodër
2021 DiEM Voice, Online Exhibition
2021 Ngjyrat e politikës, Argonaut Art Factory
2021 Qytet-Qytet, Argonaut Art Factory
2019 Bienale of Self-portrait, Albanian National Museum
2018 Identity, Snt. Margaret’s House, Edinburgh
2018 Polyphonic Murders, Ocean Terminal (Unit 2), Edinburgh
2016 Across Mediterranean, Syn Festival Edinburgh
2014 Alumni Exhibition 2010-2011, Athens School of Arts
2014 On the Road, City Gallery of Saranda, Albania
2012 Athens Matter, Art Zone 42
2012 Why Art Now, Open Show Studio, Athens
2010 Bipolarity and Art (Psyche), Athens School of Fine Arts