Whatever lies behind the idea “man”1 seems, at first, one (or more) abstract concept of “man”.
In my artistic work, the further I go into the analysis of the psyche, the more I come in contact with the nature of my own spirit, and its forms of manifestation into the outer. Often, this analytic process emphasizes the energetic plexus created by the vibration of feelings that accompany thoughts and life experiences. Into this energetic plexus, conditioned by my subjective organization, percepts (perceivable) and concepts stand fused into one another and create the foundation for ideal elements.
Concepts have the strongest emphasis on the mind as they combine to form a systematic whole, even though each has its own special place within the conceptual system. Each is capable of expressing the multiple nature of an idea.
In these works, the idea itself can be seen as the meeting point, like a space where ideas, concepts, experiences, and my subjective organization come into interaction with one another to form a later, artistically systematic whole. One more question arises, though; Whether the concept is merely a reflection left over by the percept, or it is a product mixture of the artist’s personal experiences dueled into the world of percepts and abstractions!