A Conversation With Myself

Video Art Installation

Part of MFA thesis presentation 

DJCAD University of Dundee 2016

There are things in life that you can’t describe, define or talk about through words. All these, before anything shaped into their physicality, belong to your inner world. That invisible world where all things are imaginary, fantastical and spiritual. It is the world of hidden layers rising up from below. It can be called the psychic realm – entangled within – that these things come from. Therefore you have art, through which the interaction between the inner and the outer becomes conscious to undertake a healthy development of the self (of humanity). Art is the language, the physical aspect and the outcome of this interactional process of yours.

Concept Ideal

Concept Ideal_2 Oil on canvas 100x60cm 2021 Whatever lies behind the idea “man” seems, at first, one (or more) abstract concept of “man”.In my artistic

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