An experiment with pencil, rather minimalist than descriptive. These works were created in 2021-2022. The technique used expresses the intangible aspect of form and wave that moves within the field of being. 

Living in the psychic sphere, an intangible matter moves around. Produced by senses and feelings, by thoughts and dreams, and creating thus waves that direct light and shadows. Both actively manifest the inner layers of the psyche’s human form. 

Into the realm of the spaceless-ness, to myself, all these forms and waves seem a collective of unknown beings.

EP_7, 27.5x37.5cm
EP_8, 37.5x27.5cm
EP_14, , 27.5x37.5cm
EP_6, 37.5x27.5cm
EP_13, 37.5x27.5cm
EP_11, 37.5x27.5cm
EP_3, 37.5x27.5cm
ep_17, 37.5x27.5cm
EP_5, 37.5x27.5cm
Collective_Unknown_10, 37.5x27.5cm
EP_12, 27.5x37.5cm
EP_9, 27.5x37.5cm
Cu_9, 27.5x37.5cm
ep_18, 30x35cm
EP_16, 26x33.5cm
ep_21, 30x48cm
EP_15, 40x28cm
EP_23, 36x28cm
ep_19, 32x20cm